Off Road & Overland Preparation

Off road & expedition preparation on 4×4 Vehicles is what we really love, and is the real reason why we do what we do.

We can build and modify your 4×4 to suit all types of off-roading and overlanding. From gentle green laning to the freezing temperatures of the arctic circle.

You have the reassurance and confidence in our ability to prepare your vehicle to the highest standards. We have  firsthand experience of not only preparing vehicles for these challenges, but also using them in these environments.

Vehicles prepared by us have travelled to the Arctic Circle, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden , North Africa, the Sahara, Australia, Malaysia and competed in the Croisse Blanc.

Feel free to call us to discuss anything and everything to do with overlanding and vehicle preparation. Let us advise you what works best, what doesn’t and what areas of the vehicle to spend your money on to get the best from your budget.

Suspension Systems

2nd only to tyres, the importance of having the correct suspension system cannot be under estimated.  We supply the full range of Old Man Emu and Pedders suspension. Notice we use of the word suspension system. The whole suspension system has to work as a whole. We see so many people fit totally mismatched components to their vehicles. Whether that’s selecting springs that are in appropriate to the weight of the vehicle or choosing incorrect length shock absorbers with the wrong type of mountings.

Air Locking Differentials

For when the going gets really tough, nothing beats having air locking differentials fitted to your 4×4. Giving your 4×4 true 100% traction for the most extreme conditions and cross axled situations. We supply top of the range air locking differentials from  ARB & Ashcroft Transmissions.

Raised Air Intakes

For deep wading and to provide clean air in dusty conditions, a well designed raised air intake is essential. A raised air intake protects your engine, so it’s not something you want to be skimping on. We supply world class raised air intakes from Safari Snorkel. Safari Snorkel’s are fully researched and developed to provide free, unrestricted air flow. There are many poorly designed cheap copies of Safari Snorkels on the market, these are poorly designed and made from inferior materials. Don’t risk your engine.

Roll Cages

We supply and fit the full range of Roll Cages from Safety Devices. These are the best cages on the market. They fit perfectly, providing a close fit to the vehicle body. There are many cheaper cages on the market, but these are usually, shall we say a “loose fit”, with ridiculously large gaps between the roll cage and the body work.

Electrical Systems

One of the major features of any vehicle prepared for overlanding is the vehicles electrical system and on board power. We supply and fit everything from Dual Battery Systems, Split charge systems, inverters, solar panels, interior and exterior lighting, fridges


Like a fire extinguisher, a winch needs to work when you need it, without fail. We supply Warn winches, which are without doubt, the best on the market. Warn winches have many innovative and unique features, all backed with a industry leading warranty. Again, there are many cheaper alternatives on the market, we’ve tried them all, and we have had so many issues with them all.

Winch Bumpers & Under Body Protection

Protecting the underside of your 4×4 is one of the basics of off road vehicle preparation. Where we can, we prefer to use alloy steering and fuel tank guards to keep the weight of the vehicle to a minimum.  A good, close fitting winch bumper really “makes” the look of your 4×4 as well as providing a mounting for your winch and afford your radiator and lights some degree of protection.

Everything Else

Storage solutions, tyres, roof racks, we can supply and fit anything you need to prepare your 4×4 for action. Just give us a call to discuss anything you require.

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